Grace Church

About Us


Our Mission Statement

We will be a church that glorifies God by
making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.
Our Vision Statement
We will be active both locally and globally in
sharing the love, gospel, and teachings of Jesus Christ.
We define a disciple of Jesus Christ as as one who is...
ROOTED in Love for God
Everything about us and everything we do as followers of Christ must grow out of our love for God
(Mark 12:30)
GROWING in Love for Others
A disciple is constantly growing in his or her love for other people- saved and unsaved
(Mark 12:31)
GOING in Love to Reach the World
Our task here on earth, as the church of Jesus Christ, is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and teach them the Word of God
(Matt. 28:18-21)


You'll find Grace Church on the southern edge of Springfield, Illinois, in the Village of Southern View.  We're just 1 block south of the Route 66 Hotel, near the intersection of Stevenson Drive and 6th Street. 
We invite you to visit soon!  We're always glad to greet new guests and make new friends!

Grace Church
3401 S. 6th St.
Springfield, IL  62703                                   


9:00        Sunday School
10:00      Worship Service

6:00       Prayer Service


God's Word:  We believe in the full divine inspiration and inerrancy of every word of the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments; that revelation ceased with the completion of the New Testament; and that the Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice.

God's Person:  We believe in one God in three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit); that God is a spirit who is personal, eternal, infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise, unchanging, holy, and loving; that He is Creator and Ruler of all things and the sole proper object of man's worship.

God's Son:  We believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man; that He eternally pre-existed with the Father, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, worked miracles, died on the cross and shed His blood as an atonement for man's sin, rose bodily from the dead and ascended to Heaven; that He is exalted as Lord of the universe, the head of the church, and the believer's High Priest; and that He will come again to raise the saved to everlasting life and the lost to everlasting punishment, judge all people rule over all, and establish a perfect new Heaven and Earth.

God's Grace:  We believe all men inherit a sinful nature from the fall of Adam, are totally depraved and separated from God by sin, and are unable to earn salvation; that salvation from sin is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone; that salvation by grace brings justification, regeneration, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness of sins, deliverance from eternal condemnation, entrance into God's family, eternal life in God's kingdom, and future resurrection; and that saving grace brings repentance and leads to a new life manifested in following Christ and submission to God's moral law.

Our Distinctives

We believe in a six literal day creation, ecclesiastical separation from false teachers, personal separation from sinful activities, the autonomy of the local church, believer's baptism by immersion, the symbolic nature of the Lord's Supper, the eternal security of the believer, and the imminent premillennial return of Christ.